Looking at Browning’s AB3 and X-Bolt Rifles

Looking at Browning’s AB3 and X-Bolt Rifles

When you compare the Browning AB3 and X-Bolt rifles, many significant dissimilarities and resemblances arise.


One instant variation is their information. The X-Bolt features a sleeker appear, typically due to its newspaper sitting down under the bottom of the stock around the AB3. Additionally, the X-Bolt features a lower profile receiver, obvious in the higher placement of the AB3’s recipient higher than the bolt showing within the ejection dock.

Palm Enlarge

Both rifles give a cozy right-palm palm enlarge in the pistol traction part of the supply. The By-Bolt’s supply, even so, stands apart having its smoother complete in the Dura-Effect Armor coating, even if this was stopped in 2019.

Bolt Discharge Buttons

The bolt release key for both rifles is on the kept, leading back end of your receiver.

History and Labeling

It’s worthy of clarifying the history and naming conferences. The A-Bolt, introduced in 1985, was been successful from the A-Bolt II in 1994, and later on with the AB3 in 2012. Regardless of the AB3 getting termed as the A-Bolt III, it’s advertised as AB3. This change symbolizes an important leaving from the design of the A-Bolt II.


The AB3 features a leaf springtime publication with alternating tubes, even though the By-Bolt utilizes a rotary-type publication, making certain easy feeding with each shot.

Recoil Patches

Each rifles are equipped with the Inflex recoil mat process, making it possible for simple adjustments with Browning shims.

Set off Systems

The AB3 makes use of a composite induce and set off safeguard assemblage, whereas the By-Bolt utilizes metallic browning a bolt vs x bolt trigger and bring about safeguard assembly. Both offer a crisp induce split, using the By-Bolt’s set off being variable.

Price and Build

The AB3 is situated as a value-oriented gun, priced less than the superior-built By-Bolt plus a-Bolt designs. Even though the AB3 may shortage some of the looks and parts of the By-Bolt, it claims dependability and accuracy and reliability.

Ultimately , the AB3 functions as a reliable workhorse rifle, suitable for those looking for price without sacrificing efficiency. However, the By-Bolt along with a-Bolt models represent Browning’s superior solutions, boasting outstanding construction and appearance. Whether or not you choose the AB3 as being an access-levels option or like the By-Bolt because of its superior features, both rifles promise a rewarding capturing practical experience.