Meet Inez! A professional jeweller with over 3 decades of experience in crafting edgy and unique handmade jewellery. Having been born in Australia, studied in London, and lived in Italy and Greece, Inez’s cosmopolitan aura translates into her one-of-a-kind designs. 

She admires geometry with its straight dynamic lines and thrives in combining unusual materials together to create unique pieces, with her technique of crafting stone around metal. 

Inez believes jewellery is the perfect way to express one’s personality and through her many sources of inspiration, she plays around with big forms, big sizes, and her even bigger imagination.

Having taken a step back from designing her own creations, Inez now chooses to showcase other jewellery designers’ pieces, made by colleagues with whom she shares the same passion and aesthetics. Browse through the collections by Alexandros, Kostas, Niki, and Vaso, four jewellery designers with exquisite taste and talent.

If you are looking to find handmade, authentic, and artisanal pieces of jewellery, you’re in just the right place. Browse through the website or visit Inez’s shop at Fira, on the island of Santorini.

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